Showcasing Broadcast Episodes of the Internationally-Acclaimed Words of Peace Series

WORDS of PEACE CANADA is a volunteer organization focused on coordinating the web and broadcast dissemination of Words of Peace episodes, featuring the world-wide talks on peace given by Prem Rawat.  Mr. Rawat, due to his life-long diligence in affirming the possibility of peace to humans around the world, has been given numerous accolades and honorary titles, including "Ambassador of Peace".

WORDS of PEACE CANADA also showcases Broadcast Sponsors and offers ways for individuals to plug in and support the peace process.



The Ancient Art of Reiki: Instruction, Resources, Treatments

Reiki is an ancient energy-based Healing Art. Carolyn Jackson is a Reiki Master and Practitioner based in northwest Washington State, USA. She offers treatments, seminars and instruction in all levels of Reiki, as well as other healing arts.

She also coordinates a Reiki healing network called EarthSend, as well offering Reiki instruction, private sessions and books and music themed on the Healing Arts.



Showcasing the teachings of Prem Rawat

Google Rank: 1st place for Chinese Simplified; 8th place Chinese Traditional; 16th place French; 3rd place German; 3rd place Greek; 13th place Italian; 11th place Japanese; 5th place Korean; 3rd place Norwegian; 2nd place Spanish; 1st place Croatian.

For over 40 years, from the age of eight onward, Prem Rawat has been delivering a much-needed message to the hearts of human beings: Peace is Within. This simple, but powerful message spans culture, race and religion to connect humans to the timeless and beautiful that lies within us all.

Maintained and translated by volunteers who enjoy these teachings, WordPaint includes over 200 quotes and excerpts of Prem Rawat’s recent talks at world-wide events. For additional info on Prem Rawat’s teachings, please visit Words Of Peace Global — WOPG.ORG.

WordPaint thanks volunteers worldwide who have made the translation of this site possible in twelve major languages.



Udo’s Choice Products, Essential Fatty Acids, Omega3 ... and much more!

Google Ratings: Page #1 for "essential fatty acids", "n-3 fats", "essential fats", "omega3", "efa’s"

PLEASE NOTE *** BODDI DESIGN (now known as Rustydogg Design) developed and maintained Udo Erasmus' website for 14 years.  Udo has now retained another developer to move his site forward to social media and mobile platforms, but we retain archived copies of Udo's old site for samples of our past work.

Udo Erasmus - sometimes referred to as the "Fat Man" - is responsible for much of the public awareness of "good fats" vs "bad fats", particularly in regard to Essential Fatty Acids. Udo’s website is dedicated to informing the public about health issues related to dietary fats and introducing a line of high-quality food blends to supplement our deficient modern-day diets. Readability and aesthetic appearance are important issues here. Due to the large volume of technical and scientific material, the challenge was to make the site appealing to both the eyes of science and the eyes of art.

"What a beautiful and well-designed website! I’m an instructional designer who often analyzes human performance relative to computer systems, documentation, people, equipment, processes, and so on. I’ve seen it all! Your website is one of the best examples of this maxim in action:  Form ever follows function." - Kris M.

"As I explored your website these past few weeks, it occurred to me that it is truly one of the best hidden treasures of the world. It represents an extraordinary amount of information geared to help millions of people gain knowledge and improve the quality of their lives.. The language is simple and concise yet sophisticated enough to capture the attention of both academia and the average layperson. The information is well organized in concise, logical categories, making it easy to resource information using a reliable navigation system. The beautiful photos, design and layout create a peaceful and relaxed environment that encourages readers to take time to explore. The colleagues I have sent to your website have been equally impressed and often express a strong desire to meet you after reviewing your work.

" I believe your website is going to be an extraordinary tool to promote your life’s work as I begin to explore potential speaking engagements, The website will appeal to a vast array of professions, academies and organizations. Your website is truly a window into the outstanding work you have achieved throughout your lifetime. I would like to recommend that all the promotional tools and handouts prominently display your website. I believe we should include a tagline below your website address that appropriately reflects this "Educational Masterpiece". - Diane Roberts;

PLEASE NOTE: this site is no longer active, and is retained only for portfolio display.



GoldenSummerSun - Nelda Oman, Certified Brennan Healing Practitioner, Vancouver BC - Nelda Oman, Brennan Practiioner


Nada Oman is a certified Brennan Healing Arts Practitioner, currently practicing in the greater Vancouver area.

Nada’s practice is located in scenic White Rock, BC, on the Marine Drive Ocean-front. Energy body work clears and charges the human energy field; or human energy-consciousness system through removing energetic blocks from past, unresolved issues that have not been released or integrated.  This "old material" can affect one’s sense of health and well-being. Through this modality, the body’s natural healing capability is supported and enhanced. Many clients report that they experience deep relaxation following a session that includes a noticeable increase in their personal sense of well-being. - Hand-Painted Classy Stones!


Hand-Painted Stones from Canada’s Pacific Northwest

ROCKSTARZ.CA offers hand-painted stones for sale.

Stones of all shapes and sizes have been Gary Bandzmer’s fascination for over 2 decades. An avid collector of rocks, he began to hand-paint them in 2008, and has not looked back since!

Soon to be offered for sale in an e-store, these rocks are individual, unique works of art - inspiring joy, creativity, healing, and of course, romance!



Celeste Snowber PhD - Educator, Dancer, Artist ...


Celeste Snowber, Ph.D. is a dancer, writer and educator, who is an Associate Professor in Arts Education in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University, outside Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

She has written numerous essays and poetry in various journals and chapters in books in the areas of the arts and is author of Embodied Prayer and co-author of Landscapes in Aesthetic Education.





Advanced Herbals for Equines

Horses are high-performance mammals, whether they are pets, racing stock, or farm helpers. Like humans they benefit from top-quality nutrition, essential fatty acids and herbs specifically targeted to their needs.

Visit HorsePower Herbs’ E-STORE to check out their catalog on premium quality equine formulas. Cathy McGlory, with decades of experience in the equine performance field, has teamed up with Essential Fatty Acids expert Udo Erasmus, and top-quality Herbal Manufacturer, Flora Inc, to create a superior, mega-quality line of products specially formulated for performance horses.



Bodymechanics Wellness Foundation, web-cilent of BODDI.COM


Based in Lauderhill, Florida, Bodymechanics Wellness Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting fitness and health in the Lauderhill community.

Body Mechanics Wellness Foundation has been created to assist all populations, focusing on the underserved communities, to improve health and fitness levels and to reduce obesity and degenerative disease symptoms.   Initiated by Steffanie Shorr and Tony Ferguson in Dec. 2009, BMWF aims to benefit all levels of society in supporting health, wellness & fitness.  This site includes a WordPress-based blog to reflect current foundation initiatives.



Alexis Jantzen website


In private practice, inspirational speaking, teaching seminars, consulting and coaching, it is the passion, knowledge, and depth of Alexi’s sensitivity and training that has made the difference to her clients’ success. Her heart’s path is to inspire, teach and motivate people. (*NOTE - Website Archived - no longer active)

Born in Vancouver, B.C., Alexis has led an artistic and adventuresome journey in life. Working as an RMT in the heli-skiing industry, bicycling 3,000 miles in Europe, sailing 12,000 miles in the Caribbean, and guiding sacred sites tours to Sedona, Arizona. Her experiences abound with a deep love of cultures and people. Artistically, she has crafted hand frame drums and community drums, produced her own music CD – Flow Spirit Flow and sung professionally in choirs.

WITHZEST.COM highlights Alexi’s services of lifeskills and healing work as well as a showcase for her new publication, The One-Minute Active Meditation Technique: a self-help primer for busy, active people who need to "de-clutter their minds"!  Alexi’s video intro to her book is viewable on YouTube, and the 1-Minute Active Meditation is available through Amazon Books.



Marazul Spanish School In Montanita Ecuador!


The Encyclopedia Of Medical Breakthroughs
The Encyclopedia of Anti-Aging Breakthroughs

These reference books are the most concise publications of alternative medicine ever written.  "Breakthroughs" contains over 300 pages of researched and annotated information on natural cures for all diseases known to mankind; as well, the Anti-Aging compilation spans the most complete collection of anti-aging breakthroughs, insights, and solutions ever discovered.

With medical bills being the leading cause of bankruptcy in the USA, and the number of unnecessary medical and surgical procedures performed in the USA numbering over 7 million; a $200 million annual expenditure on prescription drugs, and over 125,000 deaths in the USA alone, due to incorrectly-prescribed drugs ... well ... the decision on health-care comes back to us, the consumer.




Fitness and Training Solutions in South Florida

From individual training plans to group hip-hop classes, BodyMechanicsOnline has it all! Located in sunny Lauderhill Florida, a short hip-hop away from Ft Lauderdale, their oxygen bar and state-of-the-art amenities will leave you breathless!  

We worked with Stephanie & Tony Ferguson, the owners of the gym, to create a rich warm texture of sensuous crimson and black tones to complement the design and layout of their facility. After many years of working together, their business admin changed direction and moved on to a more commercial look and feel. We archive their original site here for portfolio puposes.




"Alternative" can mean "Life-saving"...

Google Rank: page #1 for "medical breakthroughs"

The Pharmaceutical Industry and Big Business have ruled medicine for over a century. Documentation like this empowers consumers to take matters of health into their own hands again. Urgent and vital information for anyone that has a human body.  This site has been discontinued in favor of REALMEDICALHELP.COM, also designed by us.  We’re holding the original site in archive for portfolio purposes.

Doctors give drugs of which they know little,
into bodies, of which they know less,
for diseases of which they know nothing at all.




Therapist & Artist, Langley BC

"Escaping The Net of Concepts, I Touch The Real; The Real Touches Me."  Larry brings over 30 years of experience to his work as a counseling psychologist, based in Vancouver and Langley, BC.  Larry is showcasing his photography and graphic artwork on this site as well, for your viewing pleasure!




As baby-boomers and gen-x’ers begin reaching their cusp - and floating ’downhill’! - all are wondering if we can’t maximize our time on this sweet green planet. TIMEGUARD™ offers an educational approach to discussing the contributing factors to the aging process and has formulated a superior-quality, all-natural supplement to help offset the effects of aging and optimize health in the meantime.

"Over the past several decades, and in particular the last several years, researchers have discovered many dietary ingredients which individually have demonstrated their ability to slow the aging process in both man and animal—and some have been shown to extend the life-span of multiple species of animals. In combination, their synergy yields even more profound results." - from Background Information On Aging.

PLEASE NOTE: this site is no longer functional and is retained only for portfolio display.




Highly Visible Decals for Emergency Vehicles

In a day and age of escalating emergencies and preparedness for all societies and governmental bodies, proper displays are crucial for emergency and tactical vehicles. Eurovisor provides a wide variety of emergency decals in any user language desired, for doctors, ambulance, police, emergency rescue workers... just to name a few. Site has been localized for 7 different languages, including French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Arabic.

NOTE: This site is no longer functional is is retained for portfolio purposes only.




Body, Mind, Spirit: Healing for Animals & Humans

Animals and Humans alike can benefit from healing methods that help release chronic injury and stress, on the physical, mental and emotional levels.  Naoko Harada, Ph.D., has extensive training and clinical experience in working with both people and animals.  Her work on animals has led her to a specialty in working with horses.   Initial design concepts completed by BODDI.COM and archived on our server.  Final design for current site completed by client.

NOTE: This site is no longer functional is is retained for portfolio purposes only.



North Vancouver’s Premium Quality Driver Education Program

In today’s frantic-paced society, good driving skills are not only rare, but, when demonstrated are a sign of true human evolution!  Victor and Jean Uy present a variety of training options with many foreign language options for immigrants and visiting students.   This driving school has since been bought by a 3rd party and site re-designed.  BODDI’s design is now on archive on our own server.

NOTE: This site is no longer functional is is retained for portfolio purposes only.


Professors and Scientists can be Environmentalists too!

Atlantic Textbook Recycling is a husband-and-wife team who travel from coast to coast visiting college professors and other learned folks to help them get rid of unwanted paperwork in the form of textbooks! These are in turn recycled to needy students who appreciate a bargain! Environmentally friendly! 100% Organic!

Client's domain has expired, but site is retained for portfolio purposes!



The Poetry of Kabir, Rumi & Others

Both Kabir and Rumi speak of Inner Peace in their poetry - the connection to The Lover, The Divine, The Guest - whose faint whisper is only heard by the living. 

Kabir says this: "If you don’t break the ropes while you are alive, do you think ghosts will do it after? The idea that the soul will join with the ecstatic just because the body is rotten - that is all fantasy. What is found now is found then."



Sunfire Hardwood, floors and decking, custom-made


Hardwood Flooring Installation and Decking

Sunfire Hardwood & Renovations is a Vancouver company specializing in hardwood flooring installation and decking.

They have a crew that can meet all of your renovation needs; they can also manage your entire renovation or just a part of it. Sunfire Hardwood offers very competitive prices for all of our renovation and installation projects. They will customize a renovation package to suit your budget and timeline, and of course, impeccable quality is guaranteed in all projects!

NOTE: This site is no longer functional is is retained for portfolio purposes only.



Marazul Spanish School In Montanita Ecuador!

Marazul Spanish School - In Tropical Montanita, Ecuador!

Come and learn conversational Spanish while studying surfing in your spare time at the beautiful beaches of Montanita, Ecuador!  What a nice way to blow away the Winter Blues.  One of the finest beaches in Ecuador, Montanita attracts surfers and students world-wide for relaxation, night-life and cultural exchange. Learn conversational spanish, or take specialized classes in Business Spanish; courses are also tailored for ecological and environmental exchange students and devotees of surfing, snorkeling, or just plain old "fun in the sun"!  MARAZUL SPANISH SCHOOL has been re-designed in PHP, so we have archived the original site on our own server.

NOTE: This site is no longer functional is is retained for portfolio purposes only.




Musician & NLP Practitioner, New Zealand

Linda is an accomplished solo musician, whose debut album, REFLECTIVE LISTENING, is nearing completion and release. Song excerpts and ordering options will be available by June, 2006. Linda is also a certified NLP Practitioner who offers workshops and coaching for individuals and organizations. Linda has taught a number of successful seminars in Bejing, China.  Linda has taken over the design of her own site at this point, so we feature an archived copy of our own design work on Linda’s site.

NOTE: This site is no longer functional is is retained for portfolio purposes only.



If you have a boat and want to dock it in the harbor,
you need to tie it to something that will not drift.
That’s why people bring an anchor with them.

What is it that does not drift?
To find that answer, you need to be able to know your true self,
because the true self does not drift.”

Prem Rawat — WOPG.ORG


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